New Class

Purple Star Astrology

Introduction to Zi Wei Dou Shu

The Divergent Channels

August 30, 2015

10am-5pm, 6-CEUs, Santa Monica

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The Eight Extraordinary Channels

Sidney and Melbourne, Australia

September 19-20, Melbourne

September 26-27, Sydney


The Luo Collaterals

October 25, 2015

10am-5pm, 6-CEUs, Santa Monica


Purple Star Astrology Class

Introduction to ZI Wei Dou Shu

October-November 2015

Live Webinar


The Eight Extraordinary Channels
Dec 5-6, 2015
1pm-4pm, and 10am-5pm, 10-CEUs


Tao Garden Retreat

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Natural Healing with Qi Gong & Chinese Herbs


Chinese Herbs Master Cormac Ferguson


Dr. David Twicken

50-CEUs Approved

December 13-December 19, 2015

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Grandmaster Mantak Chia 2016 Workshops

Los Angeles

June 4-7, 2016

Healing Tao Qi Gong Basics

June 4-5, 2016

Healing Love

June 6-7, 2016

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Chinese Astrology

Four Pillars of Destiny

Live Webinar

February 2016

More Information soon

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