Qi Gong

Welcome to the Gentle Path of Qi Gong

Qi Gong means Energy Exercises or Energy Cultivation, there are many variations of Qi Gong. These ancient exercises are fun and easy to practice and can enhance one’s health and vitality. A daily Qi Gong practice is a beautiful gift for yourself, friends and loved ones. He has studied, practiced and taught Qi Gong (and medical Qi Gong) for almost 30-years.

I teach group classes (see my calendar for classes) and private instruction.

Healing Sounds

Gentle breathing and physical movements with unique sounds that detoxify the body and internal organs.

Releases negative emotions and cultivates natural positive virtues.

A powerful Emotional Transformation Qi Gong.

One of the simplest and most potent Qi Gong for relaxation and well-being.

Standing and sitting practice

The Healing Sounds

The Healing Sounds are presented in my book:  The Luo Collaterals

Rejuvenation Qi Gong

Rejuventation Qi Gong is a easy to learn and fun to practice Qi Gong. It exercises the entire body and focuses on cultivating the primary and deep core channels in the body (eight extraordinary channels). Rejevenation Qi Gong stimualtes the internal organs and builds yuan Qi, the root Qi of the body. This is part of of my life long Qi Qi Gong practice.

Bubling Springs
The Wave
Shoulder Roll
Cloud Hands
Swimming Frog
Swimming Dragon
Swimming Turtle

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

The Heavenly Orbit is the foundation Taoist internal meditation.

Enhances and increases the circulation of Qi in the two major Acupuncture Channels: Ren and Du.

Nourishes and energizes the entire Acupuncture channel network and body.

Increases vitality and immunity.

Sitting and Standing

The Microcosmic Orbit is presented in my book:  The Eight Extraordinary Channels

Animal Frolics

The Animal Frolics is traced back to the great Chinese physician: Dr. Hua Tuo of the Han Dynasty. From a deep study of human movement, he noticed how people moved to release and react to internal and external conditions. These movements were similar to movements of animals and he organized them based on animals. The animal frolics allow for the natural human expression of physical, emotional and spiritual energies.

The animal forms include the Tiger, Bear, Deer, Crane and Monkey. In this system they follow the five phase creation cycle and include the sounds from the healing sounds system.

This is an easy to learn Qi Gong. It is one of the most fun and playful Qi Gong you will ever learn and practice. Its perfect for children of all ages. Guaranteed to make you smile.

Standing Qi Gong (Zhan Zhuang)

Simple, natural postures for opening the energy channels and building energy.

Gentle standing positions that develop rooting and grounding to the Earth.

Gathers, Circulates and Stores Qi.

Builds Qi for health and vitality.

A profound practice for becoming aware our our essential nature.

Benefits any Tai Chi and meditation practice and has been referred to as the mother of all Qi Gong and healing.

Simple, Gentle, Powerful

Primordial Qi Gong (Wu Ji Gong)

Ancient Taoist Qi Gong form created by the legendary San Chang Feng, the founder of Tai Chi.

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Can be practiced anywhere
  3. Delivers quick energy & health benefits
  4. Promotes balance, harmony and present awareness

Learn to gather Qi from all four directions in beautiful spirals, collecting Heaven and Earth Qi creating internal circulations promoting harmony, balance and healing energy.

Tai Chi Chi Kung Short Form

(Tai Chi Chi Kung 1)
opening_move_sideThis easy to learn Yang style Tai Chi form consists of thirteen movements practiced to the 4-directions with unique spirals gracefully flowing left and right. Most forms only turn in one direction, by turning in both directions we develop both left and right hemispheres of our brain, body and energy body. This short form encompasses the foundation moves of the longer Yang style Tai Chi forms making it especially good for beginners. Since it can be done in 10-minutes and at most any location it is a great refresher during any time of the day.

Because it is a short form it is easy to experience the inner structure, relaxation, and energy of Tai Chi. Requires just a small space to practice, for example, a living room, office or even a hotel room when traveling, this form can be practiced most anywhere.

Eight Extraordinary Channel Qi Gong & Macrocosmic Orbit

Fusion 2 and 3

This meditation enhances the circulation of vital substances throughout the entire body

The Eight Extraordinary Channels are the most constitutional channels

They influence all channels, organs, glands and aspects of the body.

The Eight Extraordinary Channels Meditation is presented in my book:  The Eight Extraordinary Channels

Extraordinary Channels

Promotes Vitality, Health and Emotional Harmony.

These constitutional channels influence the entire body.

Gentle Qi Gong Standing Movements that exercise the entire body, organs and channels.

Rhythmic movements that send Waves of Qi Flow through the entire body and all channels, a profound Qi Gong.

Sitting Meditation that gently opens and energizes the Eight Extraordinary Channels.

Golden Body Qi Gong *

Golden Body Qi Gong 1: Strong Skeletal and Postural Alignment

Golden Body Qi Gong 2: Healthy Tendons

Golden Body Qi Gong 3: Vibrant Marrow and Bones

*Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1,2,3

Eight Treasures

(Eight Pieces of Brocade, Ba Duan Jin, Golden Eight)

Gentle movements that exercise the entire body, stimulates channels, increases Qi

Targets and focuses on the internal organs

Easy to learn and practice, a powerful Qi Gong for overall health and vitality.

The health benefit of each Qi Gong exercise is presented

An excellent Medical Qi Gong.

Gentle standing Qi Gong

Dao Yin

Dao Yin was the original word for all movement practices, which is now called Qi Gong. In modern times, Dao Yin is associated with laying and sitting exercises, yoga like movements.

Dao Yin emphasizes cultivating the physical body, and its anatomical structures. From an Acupuncture channels system, Dao Yin has a strong influence on the Sinew Channels. Dao Yin helps your internal life force, or Qi, to circulate more freely, for the purpose of refreshing, attuning, adjusting and regenerating your personal energy. Dao Yin stretches the difficult-to-reach psoas muscle, calms the mind, open energy channels, and relieve stress. Dao Yin is a powerful preventative practice, as well as a powerful Medical Qi Gong for specific health conditions. Combining gentle breathing, and stretching and relaxing movements, stress, blockages and stagnations are naturally released. Promoting the free flow of Qi and Blood allows for balance, harmony and vitality, the fruits of Dao Yin.

These Dao Yin are easy to learn and fun to practice; they enhance any health regimen

Tendon Changing Qi Gong

Yi Jin Jing: Da Mo’s Tendon Changing Classic

Da Mo (Bodhidharma) was an enlightened Buddhist master in the direct lineage of the Buddha. It is believed he went to China and founded Shaolin martial arts, Chinese Chan Buddhism (Zen) and the Tendon Changing and Marrow Washing Qi Gong Classics.

Da Mo’s Qi Gong

The Muscle-Tendon Changing classic (Yi Jin Jing)

Yi means “to change, replace, or alter”

Jin means “muscles and tendons”

Jing means a “classic”

Muscles & Tendons include the entire physical system related to muscles and tendons, including internal organs and Acupuncture channels. Do Mo’s Qi Gong cultivates a strong physical body, builds Qi and cultivates spirit. This Qi Gong is one of the most popular in Chinese history.

Benefits of Da Mo’s Tendon Changing Qi Gong:

Simple, gentle and easy to practice

Opens the 12-Primary channels, maintaining the smooth flow of Qi in the channels and internal organs; the key to vitality and longevity.

Cultivates Wei Qi and the Tendo-Muscle and Minute Blood channels, promoting the smooth flow of Qi to the skin, muscle and tendons; a powerful anti-aging Qi Gong.

Gentle dynamic and static movements that stretch, invigorate, grow and strengthen tendons and muscles.

Is practiced for the prevention and treatment of arthritis, skeletal and degenerative conditions. The Tendon Changing Qi Gong helps to restore our muscles and tendons to their normal range of movement.

Creates a deep calm, peacefulness and inner-harmony

Enhances any Tai Qi or Qi Gong practice.

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