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                    Webinar 5 is January 28, 2018

Each webinar will be recorded and made available for online viewing for one week after the webinar,; they will be available on the monday following the live webinar. The recordings will not be available after one week.

There are no CEUs for reviewing these recordings. There are only CEUs if you attend the Live Webinar. There is no way to get CEUs for missed Live Webinars.

You can take one or more of the Live Webinars.

Join Dr. Huabing Wen for this extraordinary opportunity to understand Oncology from an integrative medical viewpoint. He will share strategies and treatments to assist patients with lifestyle, diet, exercise and Chinese herbal medicine.

Dr. Wen is a leader in the treatment of Oncology with patients of all ages and conditions. He is a grandmaster of Chinese herbal medicine and will share his insights and experience working with cancer patients.

We have developed a course for understanding the etiology and strategies to support cancer patients. The Oncology Series includes:

Understanding the etiology of cancer from a western and Chinese medicine.

A detailed presentation of the causative factors from a western and Chinese medical viewpoint.

An in-depth understanding of the side-effects of medications, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Treatment plans for prevention.

Treatment plans for existing cancer patients.

Treatment plans for patients in remission.

Treatment plans include lifestyle, diet, exercise and herbal medicine.

Oncology Series

Live Webinars. All Classes: Sundays, 1pm-5pm, PST.

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There are no Florida CEUs approved for these Webinars

Webinar 5, January 28, 2018: 

Managing the side effects of radiation therapy.

In Oncology Webinar 4 Dr. Wen will present:

Managing the side effects of radiation.

Radiation therapy is considered as a heat toxin invasion to the body.

Treatment before radiation includes  increasing Jing and Ye, essence and fluid levels.

Treatment during radiation includes skin care, especially rash or irritation.

Treatment after radiation includes detox, and the use of Yin and fluid tonics.

When you register for a webinar:

1. I will email you a link to enter the webinar on the Friday before the webinar.

2. Please send me your license number if I do not have it.

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Webinar 6, March 18, 2018: Prevention Strategies and Treatment

Webinar 6 includes:

Foods that cause inflammation.

Applying the Five Flavors of TCM theory and practice.

Body constitution and food choices.

Managing emotions.

Regulating the Qi and calming the shen.

Understanding PDST as a common condition following a cancer diagnosis.

Learning how to use positive emotions to replace negative emotions.

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About Dr. Huabing Wen
Learning from a practitioner of integrative medicine is one of the most valuable learning experiences. In the los angeles area there is a unique master of Chinese medicine who has taught thousands of students and treated thousands of patients. Dr. Huabing Wen began his studies at sixteen and graduated with the highest honors at the top of his class at the prestigious Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) in 1987, which is considered the best Chinese medical university.

Dr. Wen spent two years following graduate school serving as a resident physician in the Emergency Room of Dong-Zhi-Men hospital, and another two years there as attending physician of Internal Medicine. Here he treated a vast number of patients, taught medical students, and conducted research projects measuring the effects of herbs and acupuncture on a myriad of diseases including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, as well as kidney disease and thyroid conditions. His scientific publications involve various areas such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and integrative chemotherapy with TCM therapy.

Since 1993 Dr. Wen has made Los Angeles his home. In addition to his private practice in Beverly Hills, he currently serves as a faculty member of the Masters and Doctoral programs at both Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Wen also teaches classes in TCM oncology, Advanced Chinese Internal Medicine, and Chinese Classics in Emperor’s well-renowned Doctoral Program.

His patients benefit from an integrative practice that emphasizes a holistic approach to addressing the prevention of disease onset, the treatment of existing conditions, and the maintenance of wellness. What distinguishes Dr. Wen is the personalized treatment strategy he designs for each patient specifically based on individual conditions. This treatment strategy consists of dietary recommendations, lifestyle counseling, specific exercise programs, tailored herbal treatments and acupuncture.

With extensive knowledge of both TCM and conventional medicine, Dr. Wen provides the best possible care for his patients and continues to successfully treat a broad range of diseases in collaboration with a wide variety of health professionals. Patients feel safe and comfortable in Dr. Wen’s care as his undivided attention is focused on their questions and concerns about their conditions. They can rest assured that he will find solutions to their puzzles while remaining composed, gentle, and truly happy to be working with them. The devoted husband and proud father of two young boys, Dr. Wen understands the demands and pressure a full schedule entails. Nonetheless, his pride in parenthood shares a similar limelight with his joy of medicine as the two converge to create a dynamic whole of someone who is pleasantly thankful for each opportunity in which he can help his patients.


This letter reflects my 30 years plus years of treatment by Dr. Hua- Bing Wen, a wonderful acupuncturist. Over these years, he has been amazing in the treatment of my life and brain threatening conditions, including depression. His incredible knowledge, skill and manner has been a ” Godsend”. His treatment sessions have given me a new life and energy. His professional, optimistic, and caring demeanor has brought me tremendous growth, physically, and a new lasting mental acumen.
With a thankful regard and love,

I want to offer my gratitude for Dr. Wen and His support as part of my cancer treatment. I have Stage IV Metastatic breast cancer and am getting estrogen blocker injections (Faslodex) as part of my oncology treatment. In addition, I have been taking Dr. Wen’s herbs for a year now. My tumor markers have stabilized and the hot flashes are not nearly as debilitating. I was also diagnosed with brain inflammation which kept me in bed for much of the day as I was so fatigued and had difficulty walking due to lack of equilibrium. Since seeing Dr. Wen, the brain inflammation has decreased and I have more energy and am better able to keep my balance. I love that the herbs are natural and are helping to strengthen and support my immune system. Seeing Dr. Wen has been a great comfort in dealing with this difficult and challenging diagnosis.
— S.M.

Dr Wen literally saved my life. I was a total mess. I came in suffering from a host of maladies including anxiety, vertigo, and several gynocological problems that were causing great despair and preventing me from going forward in my life, From the moment I walked into his office both he and his staff made me feel welcome, I was very scared but this kind and gentle doctor calmed my nerves and made me feel at ease about the needles he was going to use to bring me back to health.

The treatments have taken a little time, as he explained to me carefully that they would, and over a few months I have seen the dramatic results of his work with me. Wow! I am feeling Sooo much better and much lighter in body and spirit . I can lead a productive in life and i feel like myself again. In addition his expertise in herbs he has prescribed have been a blessing and keep my body vital. I am one his biggest fans now, i have been with him for a year and will continue to see him. I urge you to go see Dr. Wen for whatever troubles you. He is a grand Master of acupuncture. You won’t be sorry from the moment you step into his office.
— K.P

Dr. Wen is a kind, caring individual who I can tell is deeply invested in helping me maintain my health and well-being. I appreciate his extensive knowledge and my questions, no matter how complex, never go unanswered. With his care and guidance, I got pregnant on the first try.

I was recently diagnosed with an ovarian cyst that was 4.7 cm in diameter. My OBGYN advised me to get a follow up check up in two months. If it grew to 5 cm I would need to get it surgically removed. I was so upset and scared at the thought of surgery!

I told Dr. Wen, who has been my acupuncturist for almost 6 years now, and he came up with a treatment plan for me. I took herbal medicine and had treatments every week. At the end of the two month period I returned to my OBGYN, who did an ultrasound, and the cyst was GONE.

This is the power of Traditional Chinese medicine! Dr. Wen is a practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and treats an array of ailments effectively and powerfully. He also happens to be an extremely kind and gentle person. I recommend him to all my friends, and I recommend him to you!

I have had severe allergies for several years and Dr. Wen has been the only practitioner who has been able to help me. His approach is holistic and he is thorough so that he takes all aspects of my life into account when determining his treatment plan. I no longer suffer from my allergies, thanks to acupuncture and herbs from Dr. Wen!

I’ve been seeing Dr. Wen for the past six years during which he has helped me with a variety of ailments ranging from post-operative pain, to chronic shoulder pain, to acute and chronic prostatitis. I feel extremely safe in his care.

After being told that my fibroids were untreatable, Dr. Wen did the impossible. He shrunk a 6 cm fibroid down to nothing and destroyed a 3cm cyst on my ovary. I now have much less pain and abnormal bleeding during menstruation. Dr. Wen has given me new hope in my current and future health.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis ten years ago. My doctor found multiple plaques in my brain which were interfering with my memory, balance, and motor skills. After seeing Dr. Wen, my plaques have disappeared and my physical functioning is completely restored. I found it hard to picture a day when I would not wake up with a numb limb or lose my balance upon getting out of bed. Dr. Wen has proven to me that my condition is not only treatable, but reversible.

What can I say about Dr. Wen? I came into his office nearing kidney failure. In search of an alternative to the recommendation of dialysis, I discovered Dr. Wen. After only two months of treatment with Dr. Wen, my creatinine levels decreased by .5. My creatinine level was up to 2.9 and with much diligent care, Dr. Wen reduced it to 1.8 with nothing but herbs and acupuncture. Needless to say, I was thrilled. If I need dialysis at all, it won’t be for another five years. Now THAT is quality care.

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