Clinical Point Selection Series

Clinical Point Selection Series
with Dr. David Twicken, DOM, L.Ac.

In this Clinical Point Selection Series, Dr. Twicken will present classical, TCM and modern theory and clinical applications for the main, eight extraordinary, luo and divergent channels. Emphasis is placed on how to apply these channels in clinical practice. David will present how to customize treatments for each patient, including treating each channel and combining channels to increase clinical effectiveness.

All workshops from 1pm-5pm. For 4-CEUs, Pricing Soon

Clinical Point Selection: The Main Channels
April 29, 2018, 1pm-5pm, 4-CEUs

The Main Channels are presented in chapter 10 of the Ling Shu. They are the primary channel system to treat the pathways and the internal organs. The main channels are the primary channel system treated in clinical practice.

In this workshop, Dr. Twicken will present the major acupuncture point categories from a classical and modern viewpoint with emphasis on clinical application

Dr. Twicken will present:

• How acupuncture works based on classical Chinese medical theory.
• Introduction to the main acupuncture point categories and how to apply them in clinical practice; this is based on classical and modern theories and applications.
• Understanding the importance of acupuncture needle sequencing; the order to insert needles.
• Understanding the clinical benefits of treating the channel.
• Tonifying and sedation strategies and techniques.
• Acupuncture Point Combinations including points on the same pathway, partner pathways, internal pathways and five phases relationships.
• Includes the foundation of I Ching Acupuncture, The Balance Method.

Clinical Point Selection: The Eight Extraordinary Channels
July 15, 2018, 1pm-5pm, 4-CEUs

The Eight Extraordinary Channels are presented throughout the Nei Jing and Nan Ching. For more than a thousand years qi gong, nei dan and medical practitioners added their insights about these channels to develop clinically effective treatments.

Dr. Twicken will present:

• A history of the developments of the eight extraordinary channels.
• How the eight extraordinary channels influence constitutional and chronic conditions.
• Treatment strategies for treating constitutional and chronic conditions.
• Clinical strategies to support the internal organs.
• Point selection strategies for each channel.
• Combining eight extraordinary channels.
• The history of the confluent points (opening, master, command points).

Dr. Twicken will present classical applications of these channels along with major additions. He will provide a framework for how to treat each of the channels, how to select pathway and points, and how to combine the extraordinary channels in clinical practice. Including the eight extraordinary channels in treatment plans is an important part of clinical practice.

Clinical Point Selection: The Luo Collaterals
September 9, 2018, 1pm-5pm, 4-CEUs

The Luo Collaterals are presented in chapter 10 of the Ling Shu and in many chapters throughout the Nei Jing. The luo collaterals are primarily buffers that hold pathogens, preventing them from flowing deeper into the channels and organs. The primary treatment plan is to clear pathogens. The luo collaterals are outlets for pathogens. They are very effective in releasing the intensity of emotions.

Dr. Twicken will present:

• A Chinese medical understanding of emotions and natural virtues.
• A clear presentation of the Five Shen (shen, yi, po, zhi, hun) for clinical applications.
• Understanding the common imbalances (patterns) between the five shen.
• How to treat the luo collaterals to release emotions.
• How to combine the luo collaterals with the main channels, eight extraordinary channels and the divergent channels to increase clinical effectiveness.

Emphasis is placed on how to treat the luo collaterals in clinical practice, as well as combine them with other channel systems creating a stronger therapeutic and clinical effect.

Clinical Point Selection: The Divergent Channels
November 4, 2018, 1pm-5pm, 4-CEUs

The Divergent Channels (Separate Channels) are presented in chapter 11 of the Ling Shu. These channels divert from the main channels and flow throughout the body creating a network of channels that can be treated to support a treatment plan. There are two main ways to use the divergent channels in clinical practice. The first is treating imbalances along the pathways as presented in the Ling Shu. The second is treating the lower and upper meeting points of the divergent channels; they are called confluent points. Combining both creates a significant increase in the clinical effectiveness. The divergent channels can be viewed as a branch of the main channels and can be reinforced or reduced to support treatments

In this workshop Dr. Twicken will present:

• The pathways of the divergent channels and the confluent points.
• Strategies to treat the divergent channels.
• How to include divergent channels to support the main channels, the eight extraordinary channels and the luo collaterals.
• How to treat constitutional and chronic conditions with the divergent channels.
• How to apply reinforcing and reducing (tonify and sedation) techniques to treat these channels.

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